Why the Future of Tech is in Origami (Space Development, Batteries, Humans)


by Kivi



How is origami helping build the future. You can see origami tech being invested into and used in space development – from star shades to satellites.

Origami is also being used in biological advancements – from ingestible robots that can remove batteries, to creating new organs. And could origami create robots that morph from one kind of robot to another – creating a more sci-fi like world.

Origami engineering books by Robert Lang (affiliate links):

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Extended research for this video on high-tech origami, can be found at the Patreon members page. It includes topics such as origami being used in architecture, NASA robots, and in more everyday uses (airbags, kayaks, strollers).

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Research Team

I am working with a small research team that helps me create these new videos.

There is:
• A brain to computer PhD researcher
• A robotics engineer who has done work with NASA
• And a biomedical engineer who has managed experiments on the International Space Station for NASA and Lockheed Martin .

Other topics covered in this video include:
• The history of origami, and how it was first used in space
• How using a much larger space rocket, such as SpaceX’s starship, along with advanced origami folding techniques will allow for much larger structures in space
• The benefits of origami techniques in advanced development
• The different ways it is being used in to create foldable robotics – from creating artificial muscles, to lightweight lifters for drones
• How an paper battery was made using the paper folding technique
• And other biological origami tech – such as nanorobots that can deliver medicine inside of us.



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