Futuristic Train Transformation Robot Wars Android Gameplay FHD


by Kivi



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♥ About This Game: US army has assigned transportation duty to real steel robot train transporter that has amazing ability to transform into X robot and battle against futuristic machines. Futuristic Train Transformation Robot Wars started when the enemy invaded futuristic train station to destroy us army artillery, tanks and choppers that futuristic robot train was transporting to us army base. Future machines battle against real steel robot survival shooting and flying skills at subway euro train station will let you through an ultimate futuristic robot war. Evil robots will fly to target the robot train, if this happens use the grand flying robot survival ability to strategically target, aim & shoot the flying robot monsters. Eliminate the evil flying robot monster before they harm future robot train. Fulfill subway train transportation in time in future robot train battle. Eliminate all evil enemies in futuristic machine war utilizing flying & survival shooting skills with ultimate machine fire shots.

In this amazing transformation simulator you will enjoy ultimate future mech robot fight, high speed train driving, intense shooting against real steel enemies, subway transport duty along with X robot flying missions to target and hunt down the autobots. Steel enemies are going wild in hunting down the army train in Futuristic Train Transformation Robot Wars. Make perfect aim shot at your target before shooting down the future robot rivals in intense battle. The futuristic steal robot will stop you from delivering weapons, tanks, army chopper and helicopter to subway train station but the US commando shooters need cargo weapons and artillery to win war at the border. Futuristic euro subway train has highly advanced destructive steel power and can be transformed into futuristic machines any time. The ultimate machine fire shots at furious monster robots will kill the evil enemies and will clear your way. Once the evil robots are destroyed, carry on your subway driving duty and transport army tanks, army chopper and helicopter to US army base in time.

The futuristic train robot is a build US army that is fit for futuristic battles and will transform into future machines for transportation of army tanks, army chopper, helicopter and heavy artillery. The futuristic train will transform back into X robot autobots to fight against the steal enemies in futuristic robot war train transportation simulator 2017. The subway train robot weaponized with destructive steal power and with amazing X robot transform ability has to fulfil cargo transport duty in furious robot shooting battle. Use the ultimate machine fire power Futuristic Train Transformation Robot Wars and eliminate every single real steel robot enemy in futuristic shooting robot train transform battle. Encounter and combat the deadly robot enemies in intense flying robot shooting battle to successfully perform US Army train cargo transportation duty. Eradicate all evil monster enemies in incredible Futuristic Train Transformation Robot Wars utilizing real flying robot transform and shooting skills and win future mech robot battle with ultimate machine fire shots in best transforming simulator 2017.

• Intense futuristic train transformation robot wars
• Thrilling subway train transportation missions
• X robot flying, shooting train transform battle
• Mind Blowing robot train transformation and animations
• High Quality 3d Graphics and engaging sound effects


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