5 Futuristic Inventions For Sidewalk Mobility

Sit back, relax and enjoy this presentation of 5 awesome new innovations in the sidewalk mobility arena. In a rush? Get to your destination a little faster with these futuristic modes of transportation.
– Hoverboard –
– Travel the sidewalk like never before with this gyro-stabilized electric board that’s visually hover-esque in appearance.
– Smart Ped –
– The Smart Ped is an electric bike/scooter with a unique kick-assist system. Its light weight and foldability makes it even more intriguing.
– RevoBot –
– RevoBot is a souped-up self-balancing “hoverboard:” that tops out at 7 MPH, boasts two Bluetooth speakers and maintains a 2-hour charge on its Samsung battery.
– Onewheel –
– This self-balancing board features a single large rugged wheel that’s perfect for both sidewalks and off the beaten path exploration.
– AirWheel A3 –
– This double-wheeled auto-balancing invention can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. Choose to sit or stand while riding.
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To The Future… Away!


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