Hyperloop: an unfinished project for public transportation | 4G-Livestream

In 2013, Elon Musk presented an idea to develop a centenary concept: the vactrain, which consists of a vacuum tube train.
Musk’s project is about a futuristic upgrade version of vactrain, and he named it “Hyperloop”. A lavitating train, made up of pressurized capsules, riding inside reduced-pressure tubes🧲
This machine is three times faster than current high-speed rails. Also faster than several aeroplanes at cruising speed💨
Nowadays we only have some official agreements, capsules built and real speed tests in several countries. Due to the mentioned obstacles, Hyperloop project is developing very slowly. Nevertheless, the experts expect that some Hyperloops, at least in Europe, will have been finishd by 2030.


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