New Food Conference webinar: cultured meat – latest developments and future perspectives


by Kivi



Cultured proteins have the potential to transform our food system as we know it. In this webinar, we are talking to those working towards making cultured meat a reality, and explore where they are in the process of creating a more sustainable and just way of satisfying the world’s hunger for meat.

We speak to Prof Mark Post from Mosa Meat, the father of cultured meat, as well as Hélène Miller (Aleph Farms) and David Brandes (Peace of Meat) about the role of cultivated protein in the context of resilient food strategies, the role of plant-based / cell-based hybrids and the challenges of the regulatory framework.

The New Food Conference, Europe’s leading conference on alternative protein, will further explore the latest developments in the cultivated meat sector. Join us on 28 and 29 April 2021 in Berlin and be part of tomorrow’s food solution!

Learn more on www.new-food-conference.com


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