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Have you heard about the City Train Subway Simulator? Let me introduce you to the modern-day fast track City Train Subway Simulator that is Recommended for you. This is not the usual train Driving games that you have seen in your cities. With the technological revolution, trains have also been revolutionized and this new concept of fast track City Train Simulator has completely overtaken the old slow-moving trains in Offline games. But this didn’t happen suddenly, Los Angeles is known for its extreme traffic and busy roads, causing a lot of maintenance issues for the City Local Authorities. So a new concept of the fast-moving bullet train was introduced to handle traffic loads and to provide ease to the city residents in Simulation games. This fast track bullet train is used to pick passengers from busy subway stations in Simulation games.

Fast-moving City Train Subway Simulator game provides you the ultimate pleasure of driving fast track train and real train driving adventure experience. The main objective of this Bullet Train Driving is to transport passengers for inter-city and intra-city destinations in Offline games. Pick up passengers from dense city subway stations and take them to their desired destinations by moving through deadly tracks. Get behind the wheel and you have to drive this City Bullet Train Subway Simulator on a variety of extreme driving conditions, varying from cities, subways, tunnels, bridges, and overheads Management simulators. Get behind the wheel, you have to show extra-ordinary driving skills to avoid accidents and meanwhile dropping off passengers through incredible railway tracks Simulation. Curvy tracks and sharp turns can cause trouble for you, you have to do intelligent driving by controlling speed on elevated rail-tracks Sim racers.

This extremely fast-moving City Train Subway Simulator provides relief to the City Transportation problems. Passengers experience goosebumps while traveling in this Extreme Train Simulator Pro on impossible tracks Simulation. All you have to do is pick passengers from subway stations and drive carefully to avoid crashes with other Bullet trains in Driving games. This train driving game Recommended for you conductor requires perfect parking skills to avoid collisions with other city metro trains and enjoy the chance to experience the organized train racing adventure. After Drive big rigs you will love this train driving game on challenging tracks.


✤ Ultra-realistic 3D train driving Subway Simulator
✤ Various driving modes to enjoy different levels of virtual gameplay
✤ Excellent controls with emergency disc brake modulation to avoid collisions
✤ Realistic 3D graphics and exotic landscapes
✤ Competitive train racing missions with friendly user controls
✤ Pick passengers and drop at a destination to collect coins
✤ Virtual Train Simulator perfect for Android users
✤ Latest physics engine with modified details

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