Tesla Model 3 & Model Y: Top 20 Accessories Revealed


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Tesla owner and YouTuber Andy Slye has sifted through tons of Model 3 and Model Y accessory lists. There are must-have items, cleaning tools, and even some bonus items. The list contains some of the usual accessories, as well as some surprises. Slye owns a Model 3 and his friend has a Model Y, so they’re able to show off the best accessories in action.

Items like floor mats, car cleaners, and a mobile phone holder are things many people need. However, there are also items for your car that are more personal and/or not a priority for everyone, such as a tow hitch, pet seat covers, or mattresses. Finally, there are accessories that are mostly specific to the Model 3 and Y, such as a console wrap, a touch-screen protector, and the Jeda wireless pad and hub.

The Model 3 and Y have the infamous piano black console. Most Tesla owners we’ve talked to don’t like it, mostly because it shows fingerprints and just about anything else. However, some console wraps are better, and easier to install, than others. Tesla vehicles are touted for their large, responsive touch screens. They control virtually everything, so keeping them in good working order is paramount. Just like screen protectors for your phone, some fit and work much better than others, so having some advice here is helpful.

Visit the source links below for details. Slye lists all the products by timestamp in the YouTube video description. There are also links to the websites to buy each accessory. Slye also provides the information via his kit.co website.

Check it all out and then leave us your list of the best Tesla accessories in the comment section below.

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