Charged EVs | High pulse energy capabilities for pre-charge and discharge resistors for EV applications


by Kivi



Sponsored by EBG Resistors

Professional resistors for electric vehicles

Since 1993, EBG Resistors has been working on the cutting-edge development of resistor technology. Leading manufacturers of electric motors, medical equipment and frequency converters use our power resistors because of their impact on performance and long-term operating reliability.

High power resistors are used in a variety of applications in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. There are ranges of uses including but not limited to power converters for charging systems, power control units, power distribution units (PDU) and motor control units – also battery modules.

Behind the advancement of this innovative technology EBG Resistors works hard and hand-in-hand with engineers to solve problems related to EV. We offer solutions to pre-charge, discharge and other applications. We aim to improve system performance, long-term production and to provide a wide range of eDrive tech solutions.

The main advantages of EBG Resistors includes small package size, wide resistance range, and high reliability, safety and pulse capability – in addition to easy mounting and handling.

Join the many companies already using EBG Resistors in their EV applications. We welcome the opportunity to participate in new product development for engineers with a vision for the future.

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