Top 5 Upcoming Transportation Incredible Technology That Will Blow Your Mind


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Top 5 Upcoming Transportation Incredible Technology That Will Blow Your Mind

Here you can find your future life with technology. Latest Technology Inventions of this year and so on. You can find New Inventions of Science.
This video will helps you to Increase your Knowledge about these awesome gadgets.

We are present you vision for the future buses. They look so cool and smart on the street. Some of them have no driver.

Just when you thought your commute was getting too routine. Over the next decade, the idea of getting to work on time, heading out to the hinterlands for your family vacation or even going to the
game will become much easier. Cars will drive themselves along pre-determined routes. Trains will use new magnetic rail systems. And an amazing new “hyperloop” train will speed along at 800 miles per hour.

The best part? These innovations are not just spinning their wheels. They are set to debut within the next 10 years or have already started transporting us.

“New technologies have the potential to make our roads and transit systems safer, greener and more efficient,” Gregory Winfree,
the administrator of the Department of Transportation’s Research
and Innovative Technology Administration, told FoxNews.com. “We are working hard to ensure that these technologies can be integrated safely into our existing system.”

“We will need to do something,” said Thilo Koslowski, the lead automotive analyst at research firm Gartner, who studies next-generation transportation, “given that we will continue to see more vehicles on the road but won’t be able to grow infrastructure at the same time. We have to get smarter about using that infrastructure and/or innovate in passenger vehicles and mobility

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