6 Most Futuristic Sea Ships in the World


by Kivi



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1. MS Quantum of the Seas: Most Technologically Advanced cruise ship

2. SeaOrbiter
3. GHOST: Stealth Ship of the Future
4. US Navy Destroyer
5. MS Oasis of the Sea: Biggest cruise ship ever
6. Rolls Royce Self-Driven Cargo Ship

5 most Futuristic Sea Ships in the World
From War ships to cruise ships, ships have moved on far from the classic romantic wooden ships towards more futuristic and sophisticated builds. These ships are simply built to be ‘wow’, and they have great names to match. Below, we review five of the most futuristic sea ships in the world today.
Read on to see which ranks highest, and why.

1. MS Quantum of the Seas: Most Technologically Advanced cruise ship
Built in 2014, The MS Quantum of the Sea, features robotic bartenders, bumper cars, sky diving simulators called iFLY, trapezes, the North Star, and an ice skating rink. It is owned by the Royal Caribbean International, and is the most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world.
The North Star is a jewel-shaped capsule that gives tourists a 360 degree view of the vessel and the sea by propelling them over 300 feet above sea level. This futuristic sea ship has a passenger capacity of over 4,900; the MS Quantum of the Seas’ Two70 lounge is expandable, and at night becomes a cutting edge performance area.

2. SeaOrbiter
Though, the SeaOrbiter is still a concept, we hear serious plans have been in progress for 12 years, with about $50 million already invested; so it’s more than just a concept.
The SeaOrbiter is the latest concept sea exploration vehicle; it is 170 feet tall, and has the muscle, thereby earning the name, SeaOrbiter. From the video, you can see it has this futuristic alien-ish build, it can act like a submarine, as an observatory, with sonic gear, and it can also act like a boat.
Their website boasts:”The universal media objective of SeaOrbiter is based on a concept of an on-board multimedia platform, a true content production unit dedicated to the knowledge about the ocean.”

3. GHOST: Stealth Ship of the Future
The US Navy and the Pentagon have not accepted the stealth ships, but in the 60 foot GHOST stealth ship, Juliet Marie company has invested $15bn to manufacture a futuristic sea ship that is bigger, stronger and faster than the rest.
The GHOST which is undetectable by RADAR cuts through the ocean with its futuristic build. It is 38 foot long, with 2-inch Stainless steel and Aluminum, 2600 Ballistic Windshield. For transport, it can fit inside a C-17 aircraft thanks to the two detachable wings. It can get to speeds of over 57MPH thanks to the two 2000 horsepower engines and counter propellers.
When it’s released, you can acquire one for just $10 million. The GHOST also can take up to 16 people or… 90 Nemesis missiles.

4. US Navy Destroyer
The above video is the very first one ever taken of the USA Navy Zumwalt-class Destroyer in action. This futuristic sea ship is also the US military’s most advanced sea ship.
The Zumwalk-class Destroyer can power lazers, and is equipped with futuristic railguns. Just by the video, you could see just how unreal it looks; simply amazing!

5. MS Oasis of the Sea: Biggest cruise ship ever
The MS Oasis of the sea didn’t just change the way the game is played, it changed the game. The Oasis of the Sea was built in 2009, and had a then record 6000 passengers carrying capacity, had 2,165 crews on her maiden voyage. Owned by the Royal Caribbean International, this futuristic sea ship is an oasis-class cruise ship for tourists, cruising from Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral in Florida.
This futuristic space ship is the first of its kind, but there are now some others in its class, such as MS Harmony of the Sea and the MS Allure of the Sea, and MS Quantum of the Seas (read on), etc.

6. Rolls Royce Self-Driven Cargo Ship
The Rolls Royce concept cargo ship is a whole other animal, it is a cargo ship, with no need for a single human on board because – it is either controlled remotely, or fully autonomous.
Rolls Royce stated in a whitepaper that this beast will be available by 2020. By then, multiple ships will be controlled from a single remote control station in the land.



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