Did Tesla Fix Model Y Delivery Issues We Previously Shared?


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Tesla influencer Tesla Raj took us along on a Model Y delivery last month. Is was interesting and a bit unique since it happened at the Tesla Fremont Factory. In addition, it was a touchless delivery, so even though there were tents set up at the factory, there were actually no employees present to help.

Raj, knowing Tesla well and the delivery situation well, accompanied his friends at the delivery to make sure everything checked out appropriately. This was especially important since many people have reported issues with their Model Y, in addition to the fact that Tesla has a reputation for not catching problems before cars are delivered. Fortunately, it appeared the Model Y was in much better shape than many we’ve seen in the past, though still far from perfect. Raj pointed out some noticeable issues in the previous video.

Now, the new Tesla owners have had their Model Y for about a month. Since we’ve also heard that Tesla has refused to fix some problems and that people have been told issues are “within spec,” it’s important to follow up and find out how this family’s Model Y journey has been thus far. Did Tesla fix the problems? How long did it take? Are there still issues present?

Raj sits down with his friends to share a candid conversation about how it has all progressed to date. Check out the video for all the details. Then, let us know if you bought a Model Y. If so, how was the delivery situation? Did you find any problems with the car? Have you had them fixed?

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