Sneak Peek Of Mini Grizzl-E And Grizzl-E Avalanche Edition

We’ve been talking to you for months about United Chargers and its lineup of Grizzl-E brand electric vehicle charging products. There’s the 40-amp Classic Grizzle-E home charger and the Grizzl-E Power Control And Payment Solution (PCPS) for commercial applications like small businesses and apartment buildings.

The Classic Grizzl-E, which can deliver up to 10 kW of power, is available today from United Chargers at the low starting price of $399.00. It’s an incredible value compared with EV chargers from other brands that cost hundreds more. The PCPS, meanwhile, is available for pre-order.

But now it’s time to share some exciting news and reveal two future products coming from Grizzl-E in the months ahead – the Mini Grizzl-E and the Grizzl-E Avalanche Edition.

Grizzl-E Future Products Sneak Peek

We previewed the Mini Grizzl-E in a recent article that examined smart chargers and what they’re good for. The Mini Grizzl-E is a true smart OCPP charger, which means it has built-in OCPP compliance. OCPP compliance means the Mini Grizzl-E can participate in demand response utility programs that saves a lot of money over time, as well as helps utilities flatten the electricity usage peak.

The Mini Grizzl-E can be controlled from your phone, and its charge capability is the same 10 kW max power as the Classic Grizzl-E. It can also receive Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, so its technology is virtually future proof! Lastly, despite being a true smart charger, the Mini Grizzl-E is, as its name implies, significantly smaller than its big brother.

The Classic Grizzl-E, though, is also going back to school to become just as smart as the Mini Grizzl-E. The Classic Smart Grizzl-E will launch later this year. It adds smart technology and OTAs to the Classic Grizzl-E for just $20 more.

Grizzl-E Future Products Sneak Peek

Soon after the launch of the Mini, the Grizzl-E lineup will expand again with the launch of the Avalanche Edition, a clean, sophisticated-looking version of the standard Grizzl-E charger. The Avalanche Edition’s case is all white and features a matching white cable – the perfect combo to install in your modern garage. It joins the camouflaged Extreme Edition as another alternative to the standard Grizzl-E’s basic black look.

More details on the Mini Grizzl-E, Grizzl-E Avalance Edition, and other future products will be revealed in future articles, including on-sale dates, pricing, and final specs. Stay tuned! 

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