AlienWheels Hoverboard and Segway Challenge Race! Batman vs Superman, AlienBoard Batwings and B1!

Product provided to us for review at no cost.

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Gabe and Garrett unbox, review, and race the AlienWheels Alien Board Hoverboards as Batman vs Superman! They race the hoverboard and a real Segway! The latest Alienwheels Hoverboards are going through the UL Certification process!

Learning to ride tips:

Learning advice: Forget about balancing yourself and just trust the board itself, step one foot on it and put the other foot on it fast, keep your body straight, lean your body to move forward and backward.

Tips on hoverboard safety:

Never charge hoverboards for more than two hours
Definitely don’t let it charge overnight
Wear safety equipment such as helmets, knee and elbow pads.

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