Convert Your Hoverboard Into a Fun Go-Kart | HoverKart, HoverBike, HoverSeat


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Convert Your Hoverboard Into a Fun HoverKart, HoverBike, HoverSeat

The hoverboard is an amazing piece of technology. It has two powerful electric motors, self balancing technology and a high capacity battery. All in a compact and affordable package.

Hoverboards have become incredibly fast, but reaching their top speeds means risking your safety. With hoverboard conversion kits, you can squeeze out more fun and max out their speed.

The commercial kits allow you to use your hoverboard as a go-kart, e-bike, mobility scooter or even a powered dolly.

This is the hoverkart by Hover Powered, which turns your board into a go-kart. This kit can easily attach and detach. Leaving your hoverboard untouched.

The hoverkart lets you max out the speed of your board, because you don’t fear falling from bumps, and potholes. In addition, it feels a lot faster than standing, because you’re inches from the ground.

This kit turns your hoverboard into an e-bike. Or a mobility scooter, depending on who uses it. It is the HoverBike 2.0, and it is marketed for the whole family, including older individuals, with mobility problems. You navigate using only your feet. Which also lets you reverse. HoverBike can be used on or off-road. And can ride over grass, gravel, and packed sand.

The HoverSeat XL is another kit that transforms a hoverboard into a portable mobility kart. It is a light aluminum frame which fits easily in the trunk of the car. When you want to use it, simply attach it to the bar in the center of your hoverboard with the specially adapted clamp. Flip up the back rest, and you are ready to go. HoverSeat comes with a soft and comfy sport seat. With generous back pack storage. And armrest pouch, with space for a bottle. HoverSeat works well for towing a wheeled cart to transport bags, boxes, groceries, or heavy tools. Unfortunately, as with the HoverBike, brakes are not provided, which might be an issue on steep hills, specially when daisy-chained to other HoverSeats.

Other hoverboard conversion kits include the hover cooler, which is a cooler attachment with its cover serving as a seat. This is a smart idea, but it only serves very specific needs.

These additional kits from hover buddies are very useful, but they never made it to production.

If you have the material and time. You may consider building your own conversion kit. Like these homemade hover chairs and hover karts.


HoverSeat XL:


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