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(7 Mar 2018) LEADIN:
The future’s electric and autonomous, at least that’s what car makers think at the Geneva Motor Show.
Manufacturers like Renault and Porsche are showcasing new forward-looking concepts, but there are still sceptics who say it’ll be a long time before those futuristic ideas become a reality.
Riding in style. At the Geneva Motor Show, visitors are taking a ride on this autonomous Renault EZ-Go concept.
The French automaker is envisioning smaller-scale public transport for increasingly populated cities.
It features a funky rooftop opening that allows passengers to enter by a ramp for easy access.
With a numeric display on the front and back – a bit like the screen on a bus – the six-seater self-driving electric vehicle aims to bridge public and private transportation needs with options like on-demand pickup like by a taxi.
Passengers sit around the windows in U-shaped seating, and pass luggage racks like ones found in a bus on the sides as they enter.
“EZ-GO is an electric car, it’s a fully-connected car, it’s a fully autonomous car, which means autonomous driving level five,” explains Renault design director Laurens van den Acker.
“So, it means that this is a prospect of what could be among the solutions that we want to provide for mobility in urban areas.”
Driverless cars remain in the testing phase. Analysts at IHS Markit forecast that autonomous cars will have their first year of significant volume sales in 2021.
Italian vehicle design house Icona is debuting this autonomous driving concept in Geneva, it’s called ‘Nucleus.’
Inside the vehicle, the absence of a driver doesn’t only mean no steering wheel or dashboard, the designers are attempting to create a mobile living space where the focus is no longer on the road, but the experience.
Taking some inspiration from Concorde’s interior, the six-seater boasts reclining and rotating seats.
“Inside the house, inside this architectural approach, then you have much more the taste of the person who lives there and the different place inside that can adapt to his mood, to what he wants to do,” says Icona design director Samuel Chuffart.
Manufacturers are under pressure to come up with vehicles propelled by something other than internal combustion engines to meet government requirements, to increase mileage, or reduce harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases blamed by scientists for global warming.
Croatian car manufacturer Rimac is showing off this pure-electric GT hyper car, named ‘C-Two,’ or Concept Two.
The fast-paced racer boasts a top speed of 258 miles per-hour and almost a whopping 2000 horse-power. It’s claimed to race 0 to 60 miles per-hour in 1.85 seconds.
It’s powered by a 120-kWh lithium battery that promises a range of around 400 miles.
“With the C Two, we want to build the best, what’s possible today, with today’s technology,” says Rimac CEO and founder Mate Rimac.
“And to prove that electric cars are not just environmentally-friendly and efficient, but actually push the limits in performance, and that they can be better, more powerful than any gas-powered car in every regard. So that the future is not dull or boring, but actually fun and exciting.”
Italian design house GFG Style teamed up with digital energy company Envision to create this energy-focused concept, named ‘Sibylla.’
The vehicle’s smart energy platform allows it to integrate with the surrounding energy infrastructure, allowing the vehicle to become part of a wider energy eco-system.
Its 75-kWh battery can store as much electricity as an average European household consumes in a week.
That means when solar or wind energy is scarce, owners might switch to clean energy from their car.

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