Futuristic tram presented at the Transport Expo in Moscow

Moscow’s trams are getting a sleek new look.
Featuring modern styling that wouldn’t look out of place in a futuristic movie, the new tram was presented at the Transport Expo in Moscow on October 30.
Presenting the tram of the future.
Sophisticated construction, innovative features and gotham style looks are crucial to the design by the Russian company “Ural Carriage Plant” (UVZ).
The implementation of the company’s vision of the future public transport was presented at the Transport Expo which opened in Moscow on October 30.
The modern tram features 100% low floors, sliding doors opened by pressing one button and a video monitor offering a driver a perfect view of the back of the tram.
Sergei Isakov is head of the inventory bureau of the “Ural Carriage Plant”: “It’s a new shuttle tram with the 100% low floor, the only one in Russia, as for now it doesn’t have any competitors within the country.”
“By the end of the next year we’ll arrange the serial production, have everything tested and certified. So we can expect to see them in action in about one year” he adds.
Its futuristic looks reminds expo visitor Svetlana Antonova “of a spaceship”.
Although being focused on the big picture they might have forgotten about small basic things
“There’s nothing to hold on to, imagine the tram will shake, what will happen to us?” says Liudmila Batalina, another exhibition visitor.
According to Sergei Isakov, head of the inventory bureau of the “Ural Carriage Plant” (UVZ) the futuristic tram is expected to take to Moscow’s streets in around a year.

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