I’m sure you have seen our famous “STARBURST HOVERBOARD!!” and the “STARBURST FIDGET SPINNER!! (CANDY MOD)” vlog.  If you haven’t go check them out on my channel (StephenSharer)!  This time we decided to combine these hoverboard ideas and step things up a notch a mod two hoverboards to make an epic 4×4 off road capable hoverboard! Carter Sharer and I created a few cool configurations for this AWD 4 wheel drive hover board such as the sea saw hoverboard trick so make sure to watch the entire hoverboard vlog because it is epic!. And yes for this hoverboard mod we used the hydrodip hoverboard from the “1000MPH FIDGET SPINNER (HOVERBOARD MOD!)” and the black hover board we used was a new Swagtron T5 Hoverboard (used in the Starburst Hoverboard video). When we put these two hoverboards together we created an epic and rare hoverboard mod!

We love to ride hoverboards and self balancing scooters! We are also looking to improve this double awd 4×4 hoverboard design so we can take it off road. So don’t forget to comment your ideas #hoverboard below!!!!

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