The future of last mile logistics with CoROS and the Speed Delivery Door.

Mercedes-Benz Vans is presenting two new solutions for the courier, express and parcel industry. See how technology safes time in this video.

Introducting CoROS:
The Cargo Recognition and Organization System, or CoROS, transforms Mercedes-Benz Vans into an intelligent cargo space via computer vision and artificial intelligence. CoROS automates labor-intensive processes throughout the last mile and tracks cargo from distribution hub to doorstep.

The new Speed Delivery Door:
The sensor-controlled, automatic two-wing pivoting door can be installed upon request in place of the sliding door on the side of the load area. Initial customer testings with large national and international courier-, express- and parcel service providers have demonstrated added value in the fields of ergonomics and time savings as a result of a reduction in the number of work steps involved, as well as increased safety for driver e.g. by a better view to outside and theft protection of load.

Please note: Some features are in the state of prototype. Series production may vary. For your reference only.

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