Flyboard Air World First – Flying Frenchman Cross English Channel on Jet Hoverboard


by Kivi



Flying Frenchman crosses English channel on jet powered hoverboard.

Flyboard Air is now the world’s first jet powered hoverboard to cross the English channel.

Flyboard Air is a personal aviation transport, the hoverboard is powered by five small jet engines which produce 1500 horsepower.

It has enough kerosene fuel in it’s backpack to fly for about 10-12 minutes, and can fly at speeds up to about 110 mph, and it HAS the capability of flying upto 10 thousand feet, but only IF you could carry enough fuel.

The Flyboard Air can take off anywhere & land anywhere. In case you are wondering, yes the original Flyboard is the Jetski water version of the Flyboard Air.


France’s military has also sought to develop the technology for itself, and recently gave his company, Z-AIR, a €1.3m ($1.4m; £1.28m) grant.
In an interview with France Inter radio, French Defence Minister Florence Parly said the flyboard could serve several purposes, “for example as a flying logistical platform or, indeed, as an assault platform

Expected Retail price of the Flyboard Air will be around $297,500 euro or about $330,000 US dollars.

They are currently not for sale but are taking pre-orders.

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