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Today we are going to show you the interesting facts about the Mercedes- Benz’s New Car which Can Drive Sideways.

Did we really just reach the ‘Future’? High technology cars and superfast fifth transportation just came out from the market.  If you think that the release of CyberTruck and Hyperloop has brought us to the future time, then, the release of the new Mercedes- Benz’s Vision AVTR has brought us further into the future.
What does AVTR stand for?
It stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation.
This German luxury automaker just accepted the challenge to build and to release its own super-futuristic car or AVTR. Mercedes-Benz automaker unveiled a unique new concept which was inspired by a movie and it’s a car  that can drive sideways!
Is that even possible?
Theoretically, future mobility is seen without a driver. AVTR plays with the idea of “neuromorphic hardware”. Something autonomous which is almost made possible by the AVTR. It has spheres rather than wheels. The Goodyear introduced spherical concept tires, called the Eagle-360 and these can rotate through 30 degrees, enabling the AVTR to “crab” sideways as well as diagonally and Instead of a steering wheel the passengers connect with the car through an accordion oval-shaped controller and this is where you’ll manage all of the vehicle’s key functions. The car seat and the controller vibrate along with the pace of your breathing and heartbeat. It can literally sense your breathing. which was stressed by Ola Kallenius, the chairman of Mercedes-Benz.  According to him, it is like a great example of how passengers and automobiles merge into a kind of ‘symbiotic organism.’
Mercedes-Benz AVTR is a bizarre and very futuristic vehicle design. If you are thinking that this new car seems to come out of a movie. You are definitely correct!
This Futuristic car is inspired by the 2009 blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’. The AVTR is not just an Advanced Vehicle Transformation but it also has relevance to the movie ‘Avatar’.  In fact, James Cameron supported its press release at 2020 Consumer in Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It is inspired by the world of Pandora which shows a completely new interaction between humans, machines, and nature. The concept of this amazing vehicle embodies the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers, and trend researchers for mobility in the distant future.
The outer appearance of the car differs from the usual car design. The Mercedes-Benz introduced a spherical-shaped supercar and it was inspired by several creatures from the movie AVATAR and resembles a head of a reptile. There are 33 scale-like bionic flaps in the rear which are multidirectional. This could not only improve the aerodynamics, but they also function as a communication signal when the car pulls away, but they also glow blue and turn red when the brakes are applied to warn the driver behind that the AVTR is slowing down. But wait there’s more —  this bionic flaps act is also imagined to be like supercharged solar panels.  Below this is the logo of Mercedes-Benz in LED lights and Vision AVTR metallic emblem. The car has two transparent door shells that open upward. The roof has a ‘one bow’ design that is supported by partially transparent panels that change colors which enhances the hologram effects. Its nose resembles a smiling creature because of the transparent feature on its radiator grille that is similar in the other electric cars.
Another amazing feature of the AVTR is when you lift your hand, a menu screen is projected onto your palm. This feature will allow the passenger to choose intuitively between different functions. That could let you explore the world of Pandora. The seat design is also inspired by the hammock-like structures where the Avatar characters sleep in, so you feel supported but also recumbent.
That is so futuristic!
This car is child-friendly. Mercedes-Benz imagines the AVTR car will be able to detect when a family is on board and can adapt its functions accordingly. The parents will be able to monitor the well-being of their children from the dashboard screen. In fact, the front passenger’s pulse is displayed in light of the seatbacks, which could give your children “a sense of connectedness and security” while inside the car. The car would signal the parents when the kids are lonely.  It offers an immersive experience in Magic Pool which is real-time 3D graphic that can be used to explore the fictional world of Pandora and offers learning-oriented gaming and a child augmented reality experience that could be enjoyed during a long journey. This could make the little ‘inmates’ manageable.
The car has a ‘super sustainability’ feature.  
This futuristic vehicle features a 110-kilowatt-hour electric motor that can produce 469 horsepower and a range of 435 miles. It has a super-speed feature that uses organic battery technology which is made up of graphene-based organic cell chemistry, which is totally free of rare earth and metals.


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