How To Make a Personal Website How To Make a Personal Website – In this step by step video tutorial we walk through everything involved in making your own personal website. The WordPress theme I use in this video can work well for your family, your own personal website, a resume site, etc. I think it is a very unique WordPress theme that can help differentiate your personal website from the others! In this video I go over everything from registering your own domain name, getting hosting, installing WordPress, installing a WordPress theme and adding your own unique content.

Here is the Premium WordPress Theme I use in this video from ThemeForest:

Note: This theme is $30. I bought this theme because I thought it was cool and unique from others I have seen.

Other cool premium themes:

Here are some FREE WordPress themes that I think can work well for personal websites:

In this video I register my personal name as my domain name ( By registering your name as your domain name it is very likely that search engines such as Google will show this page as one of its first results. This gives you the perfect chance to brand yourself exactly how you like to people searching your name!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding getting your website setup please feel free to leave a comment below, or email me directly at


For other videos on how to make a website please see my YouTube channel:


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