Milan CityLife Mega Project :Italy's $2BN New Futuristic City For 2020

Milan City Life Mega Project : Italy’s Newest Futuristic City You Need To See

CityLife in milan or Milano in italian is a residential, commercial and business district under construction situated a short distance from the old city centre of Milan, Italy; it has an area of 36.6 ha.

The development is being carried out by a company controlled by Generali Group, that won the international tender for the redevelopment of the historic neighborhood of Fiera Milano with an offer of €523 million. The project is designed by famous architects Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind.

General project and layout
The project involves the construction of three skyscrapers, with dedicated areas for offices, stores, restaurants and services. The luxury residential area will cover about 164,000 square metres, with around 1,300 apartments (housing about 4,500 people). In addition, more than 50% of the available area, 170,000 square metres are dedicated to green spaces. There will also be underground parking space for around 7,000 vehicles. Further to the existing public transportation network, the CityLife area will be served by a new extension of the metro line 5, with a dedicated station at the centre of the Piazza Tre Torri.

CityLife is equipped with the most advanced alternative energy systems. Its installations mainly use sources such as ground water, district heating, and photovoltaics. The Tre Torri offices have been awarded the prestigious GOLD level LEED™ pre-certification.

CityLife is the largest car-free area in Milan and one of the biggest in Europe. Cars can reach garages and parking areas along an innovative underground road system. A cycle and pedestrian path crosses the area from east to west. Broad avenues lead from the residences to the centre of the district where to find shops, bars and restaurants overlooking the park.

CityLife Park
With an area of about 170,000 square metres, it includes cycling and walking paths. It also completes the group of parks in the north-west of Milan, with Parco Sempione and the park of Porta Nuova Business District. The international competition for the design of the park was proclaimed in 2010 and was won by the architectural studios: Gustafson Porter, Melk, One Works and Ove Arup.

The landscaping design reflects the diversity of the Lombard environment, recreating the differences in height between the mountains and the plain, the two most distinguishing features of the region. 1,500 new trees provide continuity with the variety and biodiversity of the area. It is a huge green space where to walk, play and reconnect with nature.

The south entrance to the new park will be the historic Fountain of the Four Seasons (Fontana delle Quattro Stagioni) in Piazza Giulio Cesare, restored to its splendour and to working order. A little further north a fountain creates a new attraction and evokes the landscapes typical of the Lombard plain.

The total GLA of the Podium is about 20,000 square metres and includes retail, multiplex cinema, food court. The structure is based on framed schemes, made by steel girders and concrete slabs on folded plates, arranged in a composite structural mechanism. The structure is crossed by a major point of the substructure, so that horizontal stability is achieved by the use of separate systems – combination of concrete cores and steel bracings – for the two halves of the structural body. The columns arrangement has to follow the free-form internal space, and to match with the substructure structural grid. As a result, spans are variable and many areas feature very long spans and cantilevers, which are solved by using truss girders in plane and spatial arrangements. The facade structures must allow free movements of the superstructure and follow the outer skin shape, and are based on vertical frames of variable shape, mostly following hybrid truss and beam schemes.

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