Skoda Kills Off The All Citigo Models, Including All-Electric Citigo iV


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Skoda has sold its entire production run of Citigo city cars, which after its recent refresh had only been available as the fully-electric Citigo iV. There are reportedly no plans to build any more of these cars, even though they were quite well received and sold quite quickly, or launch replacement model.

We previously wrote about the Citigo iV being temporarily withdrawn from the UK market, after all 400 examples allocated to the country were sold, but now it seems like the measure is permanent and applied across all European markets. Car Magazine quotes Alan Favey, Skoda’s global sales and marketing chief as saying

‘ Citigo is gone. As far as Europe is concerned we are sold out. There will not be a replacement of the Citigo and we have no intention to have a car of this size in the future. ‘

Meanwhile, the Citigo’s sister models, the Volkswagen Up! and Seat Mii will continue to be sold, but based on the decision to axe the Skoda, they too will probably follow suit. And while Skoda has no plans to launch a replacement city car of its own, it will most likely create its own version of the Volkswagen ID.1 EV.

The latter is expected to be built on a shrunken and simplified version of the VW Group MEB platform, and it will most likely be available as a VW, Skoda and Seat, in a classic case of badge engineering (just like the Up!, Citigon and Mii). We don’t know when the ID.1 will be out exactly, but it is believed to debut in 2025; if this proves accurate, then we can expect to see the concept that previews it in 2023.

The ID.1 will have a range of up to 300 km (185 miles), battery packs up to 36 kWh and a price tag of under €20,000. The VW Group is not expected to launch internal combustion-engined replacements for the Up! and its sister models; they will be replaced by the ID.1 family of vehicles, thus marking the start of a trend in the automotive industry – replacing ICE vehicles with full EVs.

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