Charged EVs | Mexico City deploys its first electric bus


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Mexico City deploys its first electric bus

The market for electric buses is rapidly expanding far beyond the early-adopter cities of California and Western Europe. Latin America is a new hotspot—e-buses are hitting the streets in Chile and Colombia (Portal Movilidad is a good source for news of the burgeoning southern EV scene).

Now ANVES (National Association of Electric and Sustainable Vehicles), a Mexican EV industry trade group, reports that Mexico City has taken delivery of its first battery-electric bus.

Roberto Capuano, Director of transit agency Metrobús, tweeted a fascinating video of the bus being unloaded from the ship that brought it from China, and told journalists that it will go into service after a short period of driver training.

The 18-meter, 160-passenger Yutong e-bus is similar to electric trolleybuses already in service in the city. It sports a 564 kWh battery pack and is expected to achieve a range of 330 km. It will operate on the city’s Line 3, which runs between Tenayuca and Etiopía. The city plans to put 10 more electric buses into service on this line by the end of the year.

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