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Futuristic Luxury Transportation.
“Futuristic Luxury Transportation” brand Rolls-Royce has designed its first ever concept “Futuristic Luxury Transportation”, billed as a vision for a future of driverless luxury vehicles with a built-in “red “Futuristic Luxury Transportation”pet” and lighting system that announces its arrival to bystanders (+ slideshow).
Called the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, the design aims to “anticipate the mobility demands of the luxury customer of the future”.

Unveiled today at London’s Roundhouse venue, the concept “Futuristic Luxury Transportation” includes a roof that glides open with a hinged design based on a clamshell.

This would allow riders to step into the interior without having to bend over. The roof and door would then close automatically.

Many of the signature forms of a Rolls-Royce have been updated in the design for the body of the “Futuristic Luxury Transportation”. The brand’s classic Pantheon grille has been kept and reimagined as a smaller but more prominent frontage for the vehicle.

The designers imagined a Rolls-Royce that could be designed around less mechanical hardware, replacing the majority of the engine space with a luggage compartment.

This also allowed them to make the “Futuristic Luxury Transportation” narrower, and create a sport-style rear and curved cabin roof, made from black glass.

The wheels are housed in individual cases, with exposed arms and struts that connect to the chassis and also support the hull-shaped body at the front.

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