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Colossatron is the story of the biggest and most powerful being to ever wage war against mankind. Arriving from the depths of space, the beast crash lands on the planet with one simple goal — destroy everything! However, in the ultimate role reversal, players are not defending against the massive world threat; they are in control of the destruction.

Gameplay is very simple, yet incredibly strategic. Colossatron is a rolling fortress comprised of multi-colored Powercores — these can be anything from unique weapons, powerups, shields and more. Red, blue and yellow Powercores drop in from space, and players attach them by simply dragging and dropping. The key to victory lies in understanding what the specific functions of each Powercore are, and the benefits of where they are placed.

For example, combining red and blue creates a purple Powercore. Matching three yellows together creates an even more powerful Supercore. Where should the shields be placed? Which power is active for green — proximity repair or plasma cannon? There are thousands of combinations, and each game will play out entirely differently. This is not tower defence — this is tower offence!

There are seven continents to destroy, each consisting of multiple missions, culminating in an all-out assault on the Capital. The fierce military leader General Moustache employs all manner of experimental technology to stop Colossatron, including tanks, dropships and even his own personal mech suit to throw down mano-a-mano. The dashing Action News 6 anchor Rick Dalton covers all the action from the studio, and field reporter Katie Hazard checks in with live updates from the battle zone.

Colossatron: Massive World Threat is Halfbrick’s flagship game of 2013. It’s the culmination of months of hard work and passion pouring in from the entire studio to create something entirely unique, and the fans are ready for exactly that!


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