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Uber steps up its plans to take its ride-hailing all electric. GM cuts some cords with a technology first within the battery pack of its upcoming EVs. And India could add charging to tens of thousands of gas stations. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Amid a legal battle over the classification of its workers, the ride-hailing giant Uber has committed to all-electric rides by 2030, with a zero-emission platform by 2040. For now, Uber will be charging riders an extra $1.00 per ride if they want to be in an EV or hybrid.

India is considering a mandate for electric-vehicle chargers placed at the country’s 69,000 state-owned gas stations. Such a plan could help the country meet its ambitious EV-adoption goals—and get more charging to tighter urban spaces.

GM has revealed more about its wireless battery management system, which will allow a greater level of flexibility in GM’s future EVs with its Ultium propulsion strategy. And yesterday, GM announced that it will build the upcoming Nikola Badger electric truck and supply its hydrogen fuel-cell and battery tech to Nikola, as part of a strategic partnership.

And over at Motor Authority: Spy photographers have caught the upcoming Volkswagen ID.6—that’s the production model based on the ID Roomzz concept—in testing. Potentially slotting between the Tiguan and Atlas in the U.S. lineup, and a full size larger than the upcoming ID.4, it could fit well into the U.S. market.


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