Hacker Labs: Hoverboard Challenge Ep. 5 | Full Sail University

It’s finally time to test the hoverboard! In this episode of Hacker Labs, the team finally puts their uniquely crafted hoverboard to the test. Complications arise when the 3D printed spinning disk hits the metal sheet beneath, causing the disk to shatter, forcing the team to rethink the overall design. With the help of the Hacksmith, they are able to figure out what went wrong, and what they can do to correct the problem to hopefully get the hoverboard off the ground during the next test. More power was needed, so two extra disks filled with magnets were added to the existing board. For an extra safety precaution, the team added ‘training wheels’ to the hoverboard and erected a frame around the metal floor to contain any possible future unstable parts. Stay tuned to find out if they can get the hoverboard off the ground!

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