Oggy 3D Run Free Runner game 2020 Oggy best game under 100 mb offline game in 2020 (ओगी गेम 2020)


by Kivi



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Game link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.junegaming.nazara.oggyrun

Oggy 3D Run – Chase down the Cockroaches; Marky, Joey and Dee Dee with your favorite character Oggy. Oggy 3D Run is all about running at Full speed and avoiding obstacles and traps set by the cockroaches. Play with easy to learn controls, swipe left & right to change lanes, jump over obstacles or roll under them to chase down the cockroaches who have stolen your food.

Collect coins to unlock and buy amazing power ups and blaze through the levels to catch the cockroaches. Use power ups like Jetpacks, Skates, Magnets and many more to help you win and complete the levels faster and easier.

Unlock Characters
– Caveman Oggy
– Cowboy Oggy
– Magician Oggy
– Pirate Oggy
– Super Oggy
– Watson Oggy

Customize your Characters!
Amazing and Funky Oggy Avatars to choose and play from.
Change and try out the various character avatars in the game.

Key Features
– Complete 3D world
– Play with various Oggy avatars
– Multiple environments to play in
– Chase the cockroaches and collect Food & Coins.
– Over 100+ levels to unlock.
– Use skates & other power ups to move faster.
– Daily Prizes to Collect!!

Oggy and the Cockroaches – 3D Run respects your privacy, does not store any personal information and does not allow you share this information.

We do require a few additional Permissions to function:

These permissions are needed to cache and read ad content during the game play

These permissions are needed to show suitable ad content for targeted user for better ad experience

This is required for zapr SDK which is integrated with this app for the purposes of profiling the device on media consumption and other device data and utilizing the same to target relevant content and ads to the device (“Services”) pursuant to the terms and conditions of RBL Services (“Terms of Use”)


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