Charged EVs | Moscow’s fleet of 450 e-buses to grow to 2,600 by 2024


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Moscow’s fleet of 450 e-buses to grow to 2,600 by 2024

Electric buses are proliferating, many of them far beyond the expected early-adopting cities. Russia is hardly an EV hotspot, but there are already 450 electric buses on the streets of Moscow, running on 36 routes. The capital prides itself on having one of the largest e-bus fleets outside of China.

Mosgortrans, the city’s major bus operator, has been building its zero-emission fleet since 2018. In that year, the agency ordered 100 e-buses each from domestic manufacturers Kamaz and GAZ.

In 2020, Mosgortrans has added some 150 e-buses to its fleet, and it plans to deploy another 150 by the end of the year. The agency says that by 2024 there will be 2,600 electric buses operating in Moscow—about a third of the city’s transit bus fleet.

The Kamaz model 6282 electric bus has a capacity of 85 passengers, and is equipped with USB ports and a WiFi connection. Kamaz and other manufacturers have life-cycle service contracts with Mosgortrans, under which they are responsible for maintenance and repairs for 15 years.

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