Is The Porsche Taycan Electric Car Actually Cheaper Than The Panamera?


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AutoTrader’s Rory Reid dives into a comparison between the all-electric Porsche Taycan and gas-powered Panamera. He’s asking if electric cars are actually “cheaper” than gas-powered cars. These two Porsches set a nice stage for this comparison for a number of reasons.

Some people say the Porsche Taycan is basically an all-electric Panamera. While that could be seen as somewhat true on certain levels, it’s not precisely the case. The two share design cues, but the Panamera is a larger, more practical car. Interestingly, Porsche may bring an all-electric Panamera to market, and the automaker says it won’t compete with the Taycan.

Currently, the Porsche Taycan’s price ranges from $103,800 to $185,000. The Panamera has a lower starting price, though it can get very pricey if you choose the top trim level, which happens to be a plug-in hybrid, and check all the boxes. The Panamera’s price ranges from about $87,000 to $200,000.

With that said, you’d better bet you’ll spend a lot more money gassing up the Panamera over the years than you will charging the Taycan. If we go with the range-topping models on both sides, the EPA says the Panamera will cost you double to fuel, or in other words, the Taycan will save you $900 per year over the Panamera Plug-In. The same holds true when comparing the base models. If you go with one of the other high-performance Panamera turbo models that don’t plug in, you’ll be looking at spending an additional $200 per year on fuel.

Chances are, the Panamera is going to set you back more for service and maintenance too. What else is there to consider here? Check out the video above for loads of other details from Rory. Then, share your wisdom with us in the comment section below. In addition, what do you think about the prospects of an all-electric Panamera? Does it make sense? Will it sell? 

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