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Alright cool my first map in years, pretty proud of how the call looks so I hope its worth the hours of editing HAHA.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PChqtoeEndw

– Drop your discord @ in da comment, so if you get picked i can message you and add you to the map server! This is the easiest way to organize all the parts and make sure no one ghosts me or if yt fucks with the comments!

– Right now I don’t have an exact deadline for when the map is due, I’ll choose it when enough ppl join! As for individual parts you have 4 weeks! The timer starts as soon as you join the discord! you can ask for extensions but i’ll only give out 3 per person! each ext is 1 week long!

– Try to stick with the sci-fi theme of this!! Although the map does not have a specific palette, space-y colors (blues, greens, purples, pinks, magentas, whatever) are preferred (of course you can do what you want)! Your oc doesn’t really have to be colored that way, but try to make the environment like that! I suggest using any alien/other worldly/space-time traveling ocs you have.

– Of course your part doesn’t have to be 100% rendered, just try your best on it!

– This isn’t exactly a first come first serve sorta thing, you will need examples of your animation on your channel and if i don’t pick you i’m sorry!

– also, don’t trace or steal art duhh

– Fandom characters are allowed, just make it their own thing ok?

– Your part must be 1920×1080!

– Have the beginning and end of your parts be like a second or so longer than the actual part, so its easier for me to edit them all together!

– Green/blue/whatever-screen transitions are ok just p l e a s e know how to use them if you don’t just don’t do it it’s very difficult to edit a poorly green-screened part in vegas

– Large watermarks aren’t allowed, i can try to find a way to cover the flipaclip watermarks but idk how well that would work.

– Have actual movement and interesting angles/whatever! The iconic animation meme headbobbing isn’t allowed here, sorry guys ): And try to have a background! (it can be simple, but at least a background)

– PMV is ok as long as it’s not a single picture! Like tween it in an interesting way p l s.

– If you can’t tell, the song is really fast-paced, so unless you have one of those not-so-fast parts try to match the feeling of the song. The screamy parts with a red filter are parts that are wacky crazy!!!! Go bonkers!!!

– But also this song’s lyrics aren’t exactly happy so maybe not do happy funko, you can do happy funko in some parts if you want but lol.

– Speaking of lyrics, no lyrics! Don’t add words!! You can lipsync ofc but don’t add lyrics! I’ll provide lyrics under da rulez so you can actually understand what their saying!

– You can have up to 2 parts!

– If you can’t think of a setting or story but you wanna join anyway, try a space train that’s about to explode sorta thing! Or something transportation wise with space idk it fits with the song! Or don’t! Do your oc fighting a cosmic horror space entity or something idk go kooky! For color inspiration, looking at 90s sci-fi anime is a good reference!

– PLEASE try to only join if you know you’ll finish the part, I know emergencies and random motivation ruts hit so I can understand if you drop out but try to only join if you’re sure you can do it!

– If you read all of this and wanna join, write one of the lyric lines in your comment!

intro –
1 – MyLittleCircus
2 –
3 – ThatLittleKitten
4 –
5 –
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 – king swiftswoop
10 – king swiftswoop
11 –
12 –
13 –
14 –
15 –
16 –
17 – MyLittleCircus
18 –
19 –
20 –
21 –
22 –
23 –
24 –
25 –
26 – Suikiruu
27 –
28 –
29 –
30 –
outro –

Transfer terminal intentional despondent
Train doors open no one gets out at the last stop
Pull in at night, covered by dark
Wait for the next train coming
Unfortunate, quotidian
Work day push broom through more decay

Keep your sneakers clean for body bag
He died counting blessings
Life is preparation for beyond
The galaxy you see before your face up toward constellation
Prepare llift off

Systems all go, red light change, jet propulsion screaming
Out from the tube, the tunnel, transfer from train to rocket

Jump the turnstyle!

That silver mass approach, a comet blasting forward, bullet train to ride
Cosmic adrenaline rush with raucous screams to be heard from the other side
Push vaccine, in vacuum- eviscerated
Rings around gas giant trail impact
Burst blood splatter
Block iron
Oxygen mask no use now

Transfer terminal intentional despondent
Train doors open no one gets out at the last stop
Pull in at night, covered by dark
Wait for the next train coming
Unfortunate, quotidian,
Work day push broom through more decay


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