5 Concept Aircraft To Watch Out For 2019-2020 ✪ Futuristic Technology 2


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Ever wondered what are the best concept aircraft in the world?
This is the continuation of the list video with the best new futuristic concept aircraft from high tech aerospace companies from all over the globe.

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XTI Aircraft TriFan 600

Using three ducted fans, the TriFan 600 lifts off vertically and in seconds, the two wing fans rotate forward for a seamless transition to high-speed flight. Within just 90 seconds, the airplane reaches cruise speed – where the lift is provided by the wings just like every other fixed-wing airplane. The fuselage-mounted fan, no longer needed, closes up. The airplane flies directly to its destination and reverses the process. Landing vertically right where it needs to be – wherever there’s a clear helipad-sized paved surface.

AKKA Technologies Link & Fly

A French entrepreneur designed an airplane with removable wings that turns into a train.Link & Fly, Akka Technologies’s new flagship aircraft with detachable wings, that passengers would board the train-like tube at a neighborhood station. In terms of dimensions, the aircraft is comparable with the Airbus A320: the wingspan of the aircraft is 49 meters, the length is 34 meters, and the height is 8 meters.The aircraft can accommodate 160 passengers.

Aurora Flight Sciences Electric VTOL Aircraft

PAV is an eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft or air taxi. It represents the next generation of autonomous electric aircraft that are safer, quieter, and cleaner. The PAV prototype provides a solution to the transportation challenges of the future while integrating into today’s current transportation systems. PAV is able to autonomously transport passengers, plan routes, respond to contingencies, and detect and avoid unexpected obstacles. To navigate complex and busy urban environments, the aircraft is designed to operate with a vertiport system which will safely and quickly board and exit passengers.

Aston Martin Volante

The Volante Vision Concept is Aston Martin’s exploration into personal air mobility. Produced in partnership with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University and Rolls-Royce, the concept aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities demonstrates Aston Martin’s forward-looking design ingenuity. Air travel will be a crucial part in the future of transportation and the Volante Vision Concept describes Aston Martin’s influence in mobility innovation. With room for three adults, the concept is a near future study that previews a flying autonomous hybrid-electric vehicle for urban and inter-city air travel, providing fast, efficient and congestion free travel.

Aether Cruise

The mission for the Aether: Sky Cruise concept was to capture the imagination of the public and kindle excitement and energy for the next generation of airship technology. There is a growing demand for exciting and engaging holiday experiences, as millennials turn to experiences over things. This is what formed the basis for the Aether Sky Cruise. An experience like no other. Powerful electric propulsion fans and cutting edge sound insulation provide a stable and silent flight. The speed of this airship makes it possible for passengers to wake up in a new destination each day.


TOP 10 Future Aircraft

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