Podbike-The Future of Sustainable Transport?

Per Hassel Sorenson is an engineer from Norway who has designed an environmentally friendly velomobile meant for mass production. I first sat in a Podbike at Spezi in 2017 and was taken by its sleek, futuristic design and very practical features. Per joins us today to talk about the Podbike’s past, present and future.

We are excited to introduce Honza Galla as our news director. Honza is the editor of Recumbent.News and will be creating a news segment for each of our webcasts starting today. Welcome Honza!

Larry Varney joins us with his latest review of the ICE Ultimate Sprint X and we finish up Denny Voorhees and the sports.

**Clickable Table of Contents for this month’s video**
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:54 What’s on Today’s Show
00:02:00 Panel Introduction
00:04:48 Sponsor Introduction
00:05:45 Recumbent News in 5 minutes with Honza Galla
00:11:45 The Podbike velomobile with developer Per Hassel Sorenson from Norway
01:28:12 ICE Ultimate Collection Sprint X Tour review with Larry Varney
01:41:30 Sports Report-Hoodoo 500 with Denny Voorhees
01:50:08 Sponsor Thanks
01:51:20 Announcements-BentCon 2020
01:53:26 Coming up next month
01:54:00 How you can support the Laidback Bike Report

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Recumbent News-online news website by Honza Galla


Website https://www.podbike.com/en/
Per Hassel Sorenson Master Thesis https://www.podbike.com/downloads/Velo-redef021.pdf

Larry Varney
Bentrider Review of ICE Ultimate Sprint X Tour http://www.bentrideronline.com/?p=12803

Denny Voorhees Sports Report
HooDoo 500 https://hoodoo500.com/

BentCon 2020 details can be found on our website http://www.laidbackbikereport.com

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