दुनिया के12 सबसे अजीब और मजेदार Vehicles || 12 Most Advanced & Futuristic Vehicles [Part 2]


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Hey guys, Welcome to Tech Facts. You are welcome with another video of the best and funniest vehicles. With modern technology and better features, today a unique and stunning vehicle is presented before us. Today we are going to show you this video with some such magnificent vehicles, which will definitely be seen till the last.
1. Vanderhall Laguna: You will want to drive this Kamal vehicle as soon as you see it, because it is a very cute and strange vehicle with three wheels, with two wheels at the front and one behind. Made by America’s vehicle manufacturer Vanderhall Motor Works, the frame of this vehicle is made of aluminum and the body is made of carbon fiber. You can call it a mixture of a motorbike and a car, with seats for two people. The 1.4-liter turbocharged engine fitted to this vehicle provides 200 horsepower power. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 kilometers in 4.5 seconds and its top speed is 230 kilometers per hour. Even though it is a three-wheeled vehicle, its price is around 35 lakh rupees.

2.Ghe-o-rescue: Ghe-o-rescue, which looks like a truck, is a very fun four-wheeled vehicle used in rescue operations. The 17 feet tall vehicle has four big wheels, due to which it can cross rivers, walk through marshes and snow and even go to rescue operations in worse places. It can also be used for firefighting, which can hold water up to 200 gallon. It can transport 11 people simultaneously during rescue operations. This vehicle is equipped with modern features like GPS tracking and a powerful engine of 500 horsepower has been used in it. Due to its V10 engine, it can accelerate to 80 kilometers per hour.

3. Volvo 360c: This is a great concept vehicle of Volvo, designed with very stylish and unique design, which is completely autonomous and electric. Its interior is designed in a very luxurious way, in which you will not need to do driving and you can go to sleep as well as sit inside it. Apart from this, you can also do your work while driving this car on the road. It is equipped with level 5 Autonomy, meaning it can work on its own without the aid of a driver. Once charged with this battery powered battery, a distance of about 300 kilometers can be covered. This fun vehicle will give you a very comfortable ride, plus it is safe and environmental friendly.

4. Surefly: If you see this thinking that it is a big drone, then you are wrong, because this fun vehicle is a hybrid electric helicopter, which looks like a drone. This small helicopter has a seating area for only two people and can carry up to 181 kg of weight. This battery-powered helicopter can run for about 120 kilometers and can hold a speed of 120km per hour. Just as a trained pilot is required to operate a helicopter, Pilot is not required to operate its modified Surefly, as it is controlled largely by the computer. Its bus speed is more or less used for lifting or lifting on the ground.

5. SE-3 Patroller: This is a very unique electric vehicle of Segway, designed by police or security force for use in patrolling. It is a three-wheel stand up scooter, which has to stand and drive, and has a handle like a scooter. It uses powerful lithium-ion batteries and can run at a speed of 24 kilometers per hour. It gets emergency lights and siren and further uses LED headlight.

6. Volkswagen Hover Car: This concept of Volkswagen is a Hover Car, an astonishing car that you have seen before. In appearance, it looks like a wheel, inside which two people can sit and it moves not in the road, but in the air blowing a little above the ground. Its interior has a joystick, due to which it is operated. The display hologram style inside shows many information like speed and mileage.

7. Hafencity Riverbus: Hafencity Riverbus is Germany’s first amphibious bus and is specially designed for tourists who enjoy traveling together, both on land and water.
8.Barbagallo X01
9.Wazuma V8F
11.EV4 Off-road quad

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