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🎬Amazing | Futuristic | Vehicles That Will Take You To Another Level ▶🎬

0:05 – Continental BEE
“In the last century, our cities and living spaces were dominated by the needs of car traffic in particular. Now, in the 21st century, the needs of people have increasingly become the focus of mobility. This can be seen in the vehicles of the future, in which offices and living rooms merge into an innovative and completely individual living space on wheels. With our solutions, we want to show people how intelligent and connected mobility will afford them a level of freedom that has not been possible in day-to-day life until now,”

5:49 – Continental CUbe – Continental Urban Mobility Expe
Calling the CUbE (Continental Urban Mobility Experience) quickly and conveniently via the app, specifying the required destination and traveling to it safely and comfortably without a driver is already a reality for the technology company Continental. CUbE is a development platform for the wide range of Continental technologies that are needed for the operation of driverless mobility systems in the future.

7:51 – Arrivo-The End of Traffic
The “end or traffic” with its futuristic transportation method-an an above-ground Hyperloop-style transportation system. But not a hyperloop exactly. There’s no tube involved, so the idea of traveling through a near-vacuum state at close to supersonic speeds has been replaced with a more modest proposal of whisking along a magnetized track that parallels preexisting freeways at 200 mph. The system could support your own personal vehicle, as well as cargo sleds and its own specially designed vehicles that could also travel on normal roads.

9:44 – Dahir Insaat-Flying train

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