Call of Duty World at War WiFi Hacks by hetoan2


by Kivi



Hopefully, this will upload with no problem. That will make my birthday complete.

Anyways. As a special birthday treat to all of you I’ve decided to release some WiFi codes. Personally, I don’t think that these ruin the game more than they actually improve the game. These codes are for HOST only. In the video I played with entirely random people using a code I made to always be host. Unfortunately, I will not release this code as it would ruin it for other players because not everyone plays fair. But I will however release these codes for private matches so that you can enjoy the game how you want to with your friends.

So now, without further ado… the codes.

Teleporter (C, Z, Home and Minus) [hetoan2]:

When pressing Home you save your current location
When pressing Minus you reload your saved location
When holding C or Z while pressing Home or Minus you create 2 more locations where you can save/load to teleport to.

Able to Hold Grenades Forever

Flamethrowers become Jetpacks (ALL Players except host) [hetoan2]:

Player Identifier [hetoan2]:

WiFi XP modifier [hetoan2]:

WiFi Death Modifier [hetoan2]:

WiFi Kill Streak Modifier [hetoan2]:

WiFi Prestige Modifier [hetoan2]:

Moon Jump (host only) [hetoan2]:

Fast Fall (down on dpad)(host only) [hetoan2]:

Rapid Fire (host only) [hetoan2]:

Infinite Flamethrower (host only) [hetoan2]:

Infinite HP on (all players) [hetoan2]:

Infinite HP off (all players) [hetoan2]:

Infinite HP (host only) [hetoan2]:

Infinite Ammo on (all players) [hetoan2]:

Infinite Ammo off (all players) [hetoan2]:

Fast Stab (host only) [hetoan2]:

Team 2 Points Modifier [hetoan2]:

Team 1 Points Modifier [hetoan2]:

Deaths Modifier [hetoan2]:

Kills Modifier [hetoan2]:

Personal Points Modifier [hetoan2]:

Rapid Fire All Players on [hetoan2]:

Rapid Fire All Players off [hetoan2]:

Infinite Flame All Players on [hetoan2]:
*this code CANNOT be on with Flamethrowers are Jetpacks

Infinite Flamethrower off [hetoan2]:

Team You Are On Modifier [hetoan2]:

On team switch players become a spectator (can kill but invisible) [hetoan2]:

Friendly Fire is ON [hetoan2]:

Friendly Fire is OFF [hetoan2]:

Bullets Bounce off Team-mates [hetoan2]:

Damage Split Between Team-mates [hetoan2]:

Floating Guns [hetoan2]:

Blue “Friend” X next to your name [hetoan2]:

Clan Tag Modifier [hetoan2]:

Blue Star On Map Coords (middle) [hetoan2]:

Blue Star On Map Coords [hetoan2]:

Speed Modifier (all other players) [hetoan2]:

Speed Modifier (host only) [hetoan2]:

Players Cant get Streak Items [hetoan2]:

And thats about it… for now. Enjoy.

That’s just a list of the actual codes. If I posted the codes it would be too long for a description. So the rest of them can be found at this link:



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