Futuristic Gyroscopic Transportation By Dahir Insaat

Concept by DAHIR INSAAT original links ​Gyrocar Pitch- From Dahir Insaat— To those who are professionals .

GYROSCOPIC TRANSPORTATION OF THE FUTURE amazing concept from DAHİR İNŞAAT highlights what could possibly be the future of transport. this was .

To those who are professionals who study issues in urban transport, I want to say the following. Due to the fact that this invention will necessarily appear on the .

Update: main components are listed at the bottom of this description. This is my first attempt to build gyro-stabilized system for 2-inline-wheeled platform.

Why does a gyroscope not turn in the direction you push it? Seeing the equations that tell me this is not satisfying to me. I have found a way to think about it that


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