Model 3 Reliability, Tokyo Concepts, 995-Miles on a Charge – TEN Future Transport News

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

Fight Back  – Former Tesla employees, union members, protest Tesla Firings –
Reliability Spat –  Tesla, Consumer Reports argue over Model 3 reliability –
On the Buses – Twelve cities pledge to buy only electric buses from 2025 onwards. –
For The People – Volkswagen could be developing a new EV platform that could make electric classic Volkswagens a thing –
No Ampera-E For You! – Opel asks Norwegian dealers to stop taking Ampera-E orders amidst massive backlog 
Electric Service  – Tesla says it’s going to make its service vehicles electric too… 
IMX Vision  – Nissan debuts IMX concept car in Tokyo –
Game-Changer  – During Tokyo Motor Show concerence,  Toyota promises ‘game-changing’ solid state battery is coming to market.  
Looking Smooth  – Honda Sports EV Concept Teases potential Coupe from Honda –
Heavy Duty – Daimler Mitsubishi Fuso unveils E-Fuso Vision One concept — and new electric truck and bus brand –!&rs=7 
RE-incarnation – Mistubishi Evolution name badge lives on in new electric SUV concept –
Uber of the Skies – that’s all electric – 
GoodBye Tags!  — ABB bids farewell to RFID tags  with new AutoCharge system. – Ten Thousand Strong  – BMW manages ten thousand plug-in sales during September –
Impressive Range  – Project Phoenix reaches 995 miles on a single charge.  –


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