3D Printing Human Parts: The Future of Our Bodies


by Kivi



This video takes a look at the future of 3d printing when it comes to the human body.

Sci-fi movies and TV shows such as The Expanse or Westworld, feature machines and devices that can build an injured person back up. But a lot of this tech is being developed today.

Titanium is being used to replace body parts. And there are 3d bio printers that can 3d print human organs, human tissue, a skull, and much more – all using bioinks.

There are also 3d printed prosthetics. Ones that are infusing robotics with arms and legs. And there are 3d printed prosthetics that are being connected to the internet to make them smart and high tech with added features.

And a basic and DIY Neuralink brain to computer interface headset can be 3d printed and built at home.

Other topics covered include:
• A 3d printed cast that can stop muscles from getting weak while the bone is healing
• Augmented robotic arms, and human extensions
• A charity that lets people 3d print prosthetic arms for kids
• The different ways Titanium is being used to replace different body parts
• Examples of what bio-printers can print
• The different kinds of bio-inks and how they are made
• The first full body 3d printed human, and how it is being used for scientific research


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