Subway Princess Runner Gameplay #7


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The character Ninja is running in this gameplay meanwhile levels 14 and 15 have been unlocked, releasing a new area.

Subway Princess Runner is a fun running game developed by Rioo. It is similar to Subway Surfers but has its own unique features like a leading female protagonist and a Christmas themed track! Dashers are sure to love this game.

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Dashing through the snow
If you are a fan of adventure-filled running games like Temple Run, Minion Dash, and Subway Surfers, then you will most definitely enjoy Subway Princess Runners. It is an endless game of dashing through town and subways for as long as you can. You can expect that it will not be that easy. The game has many obstacles along the way and it will get harder and harder for you to try to evade them. They will be popping up frequently so try your hardest to avoid them. There are also coins you will need to collect along the way. Just run through them in order to do get them but keep in mind to not follow the path of the coins blindly. Sometimes, following the coins too eagerly will cause you to bump against the obstacles or encounter a dead end, which will make you lose the game. Do not be too greedy and focus on lasting for as long as possible. Focus on breaking records!

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Choose your runner

At the start of the game you will get to play a girl wearing casual clothes. She is the main runner and it is safe to assume that the name of the game is based on her. Who says girls need to wear gowns to be called a princess? There are other runners to choose from but you will have to either buy them or unlock them. For instance, you can buy a runner for 50,000 coins while another runner would require you to collect certain things during your run. The runners all have very different and unique qualities. Some of the runners include a Viking, a girl dressed like Harley Quinn, and a man who looks so much like Bruce Lee. I would say that Harley Quinn would be my personal favorite.

The runners can also be customized. If you want to dress them up with a different style, you can buy clothes using the coins you have collected. You can also upgrade them by buying jetpacks, coin magnets, and helmets.

Sounds and Graphics

The game has smooth and colorful graphics that allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted gameplay. It also has really good sound effects that will let you feel excited and thrilled as you run along. You will hear your runner react whenever they hit a board or a train. You will also hear your chaser grunting whenever it comes near you.
Enjoy the holidays anytime and anywhere
It is Christmas all year round in this game and its holiday vibe is what makes this game really stand out among others. The holiday season can be felt as you make a mad dash on the tracks and past obstacles.

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