Futuristic Flying Car Racer Game : Android Games

Download Game – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gos.flyingdriving.racingchallenge.carshooting

Variety of customizable futuristic flying cars.
Multiple challenging modes.
Train yourself to drive perfectly and practice for extreme flying car racing.
Let’s start car driving in free mode. No time limit, no rules.
Transport goods from one place to another with using helicopter in transportation mode.
Earn score and complete ultimate flying car racing missions in time limit in career mode.
Shoot other flying car to get maximum points in shooting mode.
Experience the flying car racing and car driving in city at the same time.
See the amazing flying race car transformation.
Stunning and epic HD graphical effects with realistic drift car flying physics.
Explore the entire city by flying in air.
Beautiful city environment with attractive musical sounds.
Ultra-smooth and interactive gameplay control.


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