Stena’s Batteryloop Gives Volvo Bus Batteries A Second Life


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Volvo Buses announced a new partnership with Stena Recycling’s subsidiary Batteryloop to give old batteries a second life in static energy storage projects for a number of years.

The agreement has a global reach, which means that Batteryloop will handle all the battery packs removed from Volvo EV buses that over time will lose significant capacity/range (we guess 20-30% of the initial value).

The second step will be the recycling of the batteries, once their second life also comes to an end.

Stena's Batteryloop Gives Volvo Bus Batteries A Second Life
Volvo 7900 Electric

An interesting thing in the press release is that the Batteryloop will simply buy the used batteries and try to make its own business case.

Rasmus Bergström, Managing Director of Batteryloop said:

“We are delighted and proud that Batteryloop has the opportunity to buy the used batteries and develop this solution together with Volvo Buses. In addition to reuse, under the agreement we also guarantee safe and environmentally suitable recycling when the batteries come to the end of their second life as energy storage units. We thus offer a sustainable circular solution for Volvo Buses batteries. What is more, this cooperation means we can convert a cost into a source of revenue for the customer,”.

Batteryloop and Volvo Buses already partnered in a one-off joint project to build energy storage at the Fyrklövern residential area in Gothenburg.

In the future, they can use electric bus batteries in a variety of applications.

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