How To Make a Blog, So Easy! – How To Make a Blog. Make a blog yourself. In this tutorial I walk you through the process of setting up your own WordPress blog. We set up a domain name for the blog, get hosting, install the most popular blogging platform (WordPress), choose an attractive theme for blogs, add blog posts, pages, widgets and advertisements.

This blog can be used to make money, it can be used for travel, fishing, fashion – anything you can think of!

Please let me know if I can be of further help to you getting your new blog online! The best way to reach me is my email:

The different steps:

Get hosting and domain name: 4:17

Install WordPress: 9:04

Change password: 13:06

Adding the www: 13:56

Install a theme: 15:23

Adding a post: 17:54

Adding a picture to post: 18:52

Setting featured image: 20:23

Create a slider: 27:07

Categorizing blogs and creating menu items: 36:26

Adding (contact) pages: 41:52

Removing/adding widgets: 46:56


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