Michael Griffin, the Fanatical Futurist at Aon about the Future of Work and Skills 2040

The Future of Work and Skills 2040. Aon hosts Matthew Griffin as he explores how innovation and technology will shape working life.
The pace of change is accelerating – and science fiction becomes science fact. Griffin tells us that there is not a single industry today that isn’t being ripped down or torn apart. What then for the jobs, roles, skills and workforce of 2040?
In the next twenty years we will see more technological progress than we’ve seen in the last 20,000 years. From biological computers and holograms, to light sabers, change is rapid. Other technologies are enabling the development of everything from autonomous vehicles and robo-workers to creative machines, that innovate new products.
The Future of Work and Skills 2040 looks at how humans and companies will have to adapt – and be flexible – more than ever before. The workplace, workforce and work itself will look very different in the coming years. The skills we will need to be aware of, to nurture and embrace are being shaped. Griffin tells us that if we are not to be upended by the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where increasingly capable and sophisticated exponential technologies will threaten to automate both blue and white collar workers with more voracity than at any point in human history, we must learn – and change.
But just as these new innovations and technologies may threaten many jobs they also bring with them a huge amount of opportunity for those who have the foresight to navigate them. Fortunately for society, humanity isn’t short of foresight and skills, and with the right societal education and support systems in place we will be able to adapt to the new world of work before it outpaces us.
The Future of Work and Skills 2040 takes us through the changes that have already happened and those on the near horizon.
Watch the video and hear more from Matthew Griffin, the Fanatical Futurist in this Future of Work and Skills 2040 presentation.

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