Girl riding HoverBike – seating attachment for hoverboard

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Video shows 9 year old girl learning to ride new HoverBike seating attachment for hoverboard.
1. Keep both feet flat on footpads while riding. Let weight of your feet to engage sensors under footpads.
2. Do not lift feet from hoverboard’s footpads while riding, otherwise you will loose control over hoverboard.
3. To ride forward, gently press with front of your both feet on hoverboard’s footpads, without raising heel from rear side of footpad.
4. Keep feet flat. Do not lift heels of your feet when pushing with front of your foot. Otherwise hoverboard will start vibrate.
5. To stop or slow down, gently push with your heels on rear of footpad, without lifting front of your feet. Keep feet flat all the time.
6. Do not try to steer using handlebar. To turn left, simply push hoverboard with your right foot. And to turn right, push hoverboard with your left foot.
7. Go very slow while learning to ride. HoverBike is not for racing.
8. Lower seat post all way down for best stability.


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