OAKHEARTS – Triangles and Squares (Live @ Breakglass Studios)

Oakhearts have recorded three of their songs live in Breakglass Studios for to release as videos in support of their EP “Triangles and Squares”.

The first being the song, “Triangles and Squares” premiered on their pre-order launch date.

“Triangles and Squares” tell a story about drowning in self inquisition about life. Deciding to bring changes to your own life without knowing where you’re going but in a simple quest of self-well-being. This was inspired by a time when I arrived to a crossroad in my career and personal life needing changes to be made.”

Daniel Aubut (Singer / Songwriter)

Oakhearts are:
Daniel Aubut – Vocal / Guitar
Mathieu Caumartin-Rivest – Bass / Vocal
Daniel Cesare – Guitar / Vocal
Julian Dubois – Drums / Percussion

Songs Recorded by:
Ryan Battistuzzi, February 2020 at Le Stuzzio, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Produced by Ryan Battistuzzi & Daniel Aubut

Songs Mastered by:
Dan Coutant – Sun Room Audio, NYC, US. – https://srmastering.com/

EP Artwork – by Daniel B.- Cesare

Video Credit:
Directed by Alex Bergeron
Cameras by Guillaume Simard, Alex Bergeron & Simon L’Heureux.
Sound by Ryan Battistuzzi at Breakglass Studios, Montreal, Quebec in December 2019

Oakhearts Facebook Link:

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