Trackmania Grand League Fall 2020 – Hoverboard Discovery

All footage is from my livestream:

Trackmania Grand League Season 2 is just around the corner and will introduce brand new maps with new identities to discover! In this video I am showcasing the very first rounds and me discovering the map. The TMGL Fall 2020 Season is divided in two stages:

Regular season: 6 online steps, every Sunday from September 13th, to October 18th, with all 16 players.
Playoffs: place and date are still to be defined, with the Top 8 players of the regular season.

All information regarding the season can be found:

What is an identity?

The word basically comes from ‘identification’. In a TMGL map the identity is something that stands out in the map. In most occasions the identity is also the most critical part of the map where you can either gain or lose massive amount of time. The identity is also very often put at the last section of the map right before the start/finish line.

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