5 Future Trucks & Buses YOU MUST SEE

5 Future Trucks & Buses YOU MUST SEE
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Future Trucks and Buses You Must See

Iveco Z truck

IVECO Z TRUCK has several advanced features that are the need for the future, such as, Z for Zero carbon dioxide emissions: Iveco Z trucks have liquefied natural gas technology features so that the CO2 emissions are zero. Moreover, the trucks utilize Bio-methane. Powered by a new generation LNG engine that runs on Bio-methane, Iveco Z trucks minimize combustion accidents from occurring.
The Bio-methane fuel is derived from biogas that is refined. The LNG-fuelled engine runs through 460 hp and 2000 Nm torque and includes a 16-gear automated transmission with powershift features in the upper gears. 

T-pod Electric Truck

Driving through the streets of Sweden is a T-pod Electric truck. A futuristic truck that looks similar to a shipping container on wheels, T-pod electric trucks, is a driverless level 4 self-driving truck. If there is a requirement, it can be controlled by a human operator.
Developed by the Swedish company known as Einride, T-pod electric truck weighs twenty-six tons and is powered by 200 kWh battery. The battery provides 200 kilometers of drive range. T-pod Electric trucks are signed into a contract with some of Sweden’s logistics companies.

Transit Elevated Bus

The Transit Elevated Bus is a Chinese bus concept that enables the bus to travel above the road traffic. The Transit Elevated Bus also has several other names such as straddling bus, straddle bus, or tunnel bus. The Transit Elevated Bus is highly efficient and emits low carbon dioxide emissions. It is based on low carbon urban transportation technology.

2. Scania NXT

Scania NXT is a concept vehicle that belongs to the company – Scania. Specialists develop it as a transformable truck which can be divided into two parts. The lower part remains unchanged while the top part can be replaced according to their use. The trucks can be used for ferrying passengers in the mornings, to and fro their office, as a delivery vehicle in the afternoon, and as a garbage truck at night.

Truck For Audi

Truck for Audi has a sleek design and is the brilliant work of two digital artists named Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko. If you want to know what the future trucks would look like, then Truck for Audi is the perfect example to look at. Perhaps soon we will be able to see them on the roads.
The artists were unable to decide which concept was the better one. So they proposed two concepts of this design. Concept A is of a futuristic truck that self-drives on the highways. The concept was considered smooth, sleek and interesting.
More and more self-driving vehicles are coming to the market and becoming a reality. BMW, Mercedes, and so many other car companies are planning to launch self-driven cars.
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