Short Film Creation Timelapse | Blender 2.90

Hello everyone!
This is a timelapse with almost the entire process of creation of my last short film, Save the duck:
Note that the video has no music, I have tried many options and I think that the best is that you play your favourite music or podcast if you want ๐Ÿ™‚
There are so much hours compressed in around 40min, so yeah, it’s a bit fast. But you could always play the video slower!
Also, you have over here the timestamps so you can jump right on what you’re interested on ๐Ÿ™‚

0:00 – Arcade machine modeling
10:50 – Claw machine modeling
17:00 – Claw assembly modeling
22:00 – Claw modeling
24:15 – Claw assembly rigging
29:15 – Ducks
32:18 – Claw keyframing
34:19 – Environment
34:57 – Some camera planning
37:23 – Little robot modeling
39:23 – Metal claw shading
40:10 – 3 different ducks for each situation
40:57 – Simulated cable

The last part which is keyframing all the camera stuff and planning frames was too much caotic in order to show it here…

I hope you find something interesting on all that!

I want to make a tutorial on how to rig and animate that claw assembly + free .blend file with the model, so stay tuned!

Have fun
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